~green man tree oracle~

as some of you know, i have been working with these cards for some time now, i find them more suited for me than a regular tarot~my first tarot pack i bought about 14 years ago and just never took to them.

the green man cards i took to immediately. i first saw them in a shop and for some reason did not buy them straight away, instead walking away. but i could not get them out of my mind so eventually went to a coven of witches in nearby burley, where they had a single pack~of course i bought it.
instead of my three world spread i have started taking just one card and this card~the yew was given to me.
the green man wisdom states that perseverance leads to achievement
which is appropriate for me at this time as i am facing two exams over the next month and sometimes i feel like giving up, not all the time, just now and then when i am feeling unwell and think i wont manage to complete the work.
the yew also represents transition from 'death', in my case as i see it the rebirth into a new way of life
*perserverance to change and move forward into the new life*
this tells me to keep on with my work over the coming few years, to complete my degree and finally be able to do the work i really love