~blog award~

a big thank you to pixiedust for this award~huge apologies for the delay but as you know my mind has been like mush!
so today i am starting out in a lighthearted manner with the tag...although i cannot make 7 in some of them!

7 things to do before i die

see both the irland and wales rugby union teams play their home stadium

visit the villages in ireland of my ancestors

visit the grave of johney gaul in france

make a huge patchwork quilt

finish my family tree

finish my degree

do something useful with my degree

7 things i do now


eat too many crisps

cant stay up comfortably beyond 8pm

write good history/archaeology based essays

7 things i cant do

type properly

sing very well

resist crisps!

ride a motorcycle


make clothes

hear very well

7 things i find attractive in the opposite sex




likes gardening

likes animals


7 things i say most often

oh crud


sorry cant hear you

crisps please

a large one (mug of lemon tea!)

hello monkey boy (to cody)

wheres my glasses?

7 celebs i most admire

jeremy irons

7 favourite foods


lemon tart

those of you i choose to join in~if you have the time!
caitlin @ bridgets flame