~tattoos & green boots~

well now~last week i went off with spooky to get the twin of my triskele put in place.

the one on the right was the one i had done last year and i have been feeling 'lop-sided' ever since.

so when spooky decided she wanted another i knew it was time to put the lop-sidedness away!

the trouble is with tattoo's are they are addictive, well to me they are anyway and i am now planning my next, which hopefully will be put in place next year and will be a green man...

at 7.30 this morning there was what turned out to be a welcome knock on our door~ the postman bearing me gifts from devon~yes my gorgeous green boots have come back to me complete with a nice chunky black sole (they even sent me a cute little keyring!)

oh my and i am even more in love with them now!

yesterday we had to pop out so i bought myself a couple of pairs of tights 'just in case' i said to swampy 'they come tomorrow'~good thinking on my part as i am now proudly wearing them with a pair of turquoise tights~a very eclectic look!

when i was getting my clothes out this morning i was half-way through pulling jeans from my drawer to put on under my dress when i suddenly realised...no way! show off these boots! so for once i am sans jeans...

i am now waiting for the delivery of a new coat~i dont have a decent winter coat and decided that for once i was going to buy a new one, one that would look good with the boots, so chose a long chocolate colored velvet/silk one that is very gothic looking...picture here when it arrives!

its funny but since samhain, my new year, i feel that things have been moving forward, been feeling very positive. my studies are going well, we are settled in our new home despite a lot still needing to be done~but it feels like home~ and i myself am feeling 'different' a feeling that is hard to put a finger on...this needs exploring i think...